Jewelry Care

How do I take care of my jewelry?

Sterling Silver
A little love goes a long way! When not wearing your jewelry, be sure to store it in the pouch it came in. This helps prevent scratching and maintain colour for silver pieces. To keep your piece looking its best, gently rub the surface with the polishing cloth included in your order. Remove your jewelry when applying scents, lotions and sprays.

Gold Vermeil
TLC is always needed, even for 14K – to keep your 14k pieces shining and retain their patina for as long as possible, scrub lightly with a fresh toothbrush and warm water. Make sure to rinse away any excess residue! You can also buff your 14K pieces gently using the polishing cloth included in your order.

Precious metals and diamonds require care and attention to extend their lifetime. Although made for everyday wear, rings need routine care. We recommend the rings be cleaned and inspected every 6-12 months (through your local jeweler). For regular maintenance, you can use the polishing cloth included in your order to buff the surface. Make sure the prongs are properly maintained in order to prevent the loss of stones.

Leather Products
A gentle sweep using a microfiber cloth will do the trick to remove any dust! It’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight to prolong its colour..

For more detailed material-specific care instructions, be sure to review our product care page, here. A care guide is also included in each shipment, so you can keep it handy to refer to whenever you need a reminder.

How do I use my polishing cloth?

To keep your piece looking its best, gently rub the surface with the polishing cloth. Always wash your hands after use to ensure the cleaning agent is removed.

It is normal to see dark residue on the cloth, it’s a sign that it is working correctly! The cloth contains a small amount of cleaning agent which will hold on to any dirt, oil & residues that are removed from the surface of the item being polished. Never wash the polishing cloth as it will lose its effectiveness. Keep out of reach of children.

How and where is the jewelry made?

We are a team with many years of experience in the field of jeweler and we have our own jewelry workshops in Azerbaijan and plan to expand in Europe. Why Azerbaijan? Because this place is very well suited for this. Since for many centuries gold and silver have been mined in Azerbaijan, thanks to which the jewelry industry is well developed and has a centuries-old jewelry tradition. You can read more about us and our stories here.